Momma McGuire hospitalized

Elenore “Momma” McGuire was hospitalized on Monday and given Cardiac Catheterization on her heart yesterday. They found that she has major blockage in all her arteries.  The good news is that her heart is not damaged.

So, Ele is now scheduled for Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery on Wednesday morning at 7:15am.  Things happen quickly !!!!
Dan goes on to say:

This is major surgery, but Dr. Ronald Leidenfrost (the best cardiac surgeon at the hospital) comforted us by saying that 96% of patients that receive this surgery survive and 80% have no problems at all – it just hurts for a while.  But I’m sure Ele would appreciate your prayers – just in case …..
She will be in the hospital for at least a week and then recuperate at home (or with us) for another two weeks.  The patient’s in very good spirits and just wants to get it over with.  She has already purchased her airline ticket to San Diego to visit Don on his 60th Birthday on February 28 – and wants to be back in good shape as soon as possible.
Following surgery tomorrow morning, Ele will be in the Intensive Care Unit for at least the rest of the day. I’ll let you know when she is moved to a regular room with a telephone and allowed to have visitors.
Pray for us all – I’ll keep you posted.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.
Update:  Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008, 12:33 pm
Brother Dan writes: Just talked with the doctor – the four-hour operation went very well.  She had SIX by-passes.  More later when I find out what room she will be in for the next several days.   Thanks for all your parayers & good wishes.  It looks like they worked.
Update: Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008, 8:30 am

Dan writes: 

I just talked with the ICU nurse and Mom – all is well (7:00am).  They took Ele off the ventilator about midnight and as the nurse told me – she hasn’t stopped talking since!
Estimates are that she will stay in the ICU today and then spend a day in the “Step-Down Unit” before being assigned a regular bed with a phone and visitor privileges for a week of care. Just be patient and I’ll keep you posted when you can call and/or visit her. 
If you want to send her a card now, send it to me at Westminster.  You can also send her a direct email if you want.  They are printed out and delivered to her in the ICU.  Just click this link and fill in the blanks:
More later – Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.

Update:  Friday, Dec. 5, 2008, 12:10 am
Thursday was another good day.  Ele was moved from the ICU to the Cardiac Care floor and will remain there for the duration of her stay.  She has a room mate now, but also a private phone. (Room 6703 / (314) 542- 4750)
Ele continues to progress very well, but the doctor still won’t let her eat.  Maybe Friday. 
She is not comfortable, but only has a little pain if she lies quietly.  Ele’s truly doing great even though she now talks like Minnie Mouse as a result of the trachea tube during surgery and the ICU.  Pray that her former voice returns real soon.   
She will probably be in the hospital for another week so there is plenty of time for a visit.  In lieu of a visit, give her a call or send her a hospital email card – She really gets a kick out of them. 
Brother Don is trying to catch a flight to St. Louis so he can see his Mother this weekend. 

That’s about all for now.  Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming – It appears they worked. All is well so you provably won’t be hearing from me for a few days.
Update:  Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008, 12:45 am
Dan writes:

Hi everyone – today was a good day, but a very busy one!  All of the tubes and drains were removed from Ele’s chest and she was promptly moved from St. Luke’s Hospital to Surrey Place, a skilled nursing facility near the main hospital complex for short-term rehabilitation over the next one to two weeks. 
There are no set visiting hours at Surrey Place, but we’ve been told Ele will be kept busy with physical therapy at various periods each day (except Sunday) until about 4:00pm. She is sharing a room with another patient.  All residents eat in the main dining room with breakfast served at 7:00am, lunch at 11:00am and dinner at 4:30pm.  So plan your visits accordingly.
Ele is doing better each day, but she was very tired after all the action today and hopes she can “just rest this evening and night” without a “bunch of nurses bothering her.” 
All in all – things look well.  Brother Don remains in town until Saturday morning and has been a great comfort to his mother and a great help to us.
Thanks for all your cards, prayers and good wishes – please keep them coming. 
Her temporary address:
Elenore McGuire
Room C5-2
St. Luke’s Surrey Place
14701 Olive Blvd.
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Her room phone number: 314-542-3406

Gary Rowberry’s mother died

Gary Rowberry’s mother, Corrinne (Cory) Rowberry, died suddenly this morning, Sunday, November 23, 2008. 

Funeral arrangements:
Visitation will be on Tuesday evening from 3–8 pm at Stygar Florissant Chapel located at 13980 New Halls Ferry Rd. in Florissant (just south of Lindbergh).  The funeral will be Wednesday morning at 9 am at Our Lady of the Rosary in Spanish Lake. 

Here is the Post Dispatch obituary.

Corinne G. (Bowden) Rowberry

Rowberry, Corinne G. (nee Bowden), fortified with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church on Sun., Nov. 23, 2008. Beloved wife of Erwin E. Rowberry; loving mother of Mark (Jan), Gary (Tina Cook), Steve (Silvia) Rowberry, Cindy (Tom) Ulrich, Pam (Dan) Telle, and Carole (Jim) Guffey; dear grandmother of 20, dearest great-grandmother of 18, and friend to many. Services: The Stygar Family of Funeral Service is caring for the Rowberry family at the STYGAR FLORISSANT CHAPEL, 13980 New Halls Ferry Rd., where services will begin on Wednesday at 9 a.m., then proceed to Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church for 10 a.m. Mass. Interment private. VISITATION TUESDAY 3-8PM.

Our sympathies to Gary and his family.

Another productive day on the deck expansion

Framing grill
The framed in areas are for the kitchen.  The island on the left will have a bar area on the left and a work table on the right with a sink, cutting board and storage.  The other framed area on the right (along the wall) will be where the gas and charcoal grills will be located.  There will be an exhaust hood over the grill area.

Glen, driving the BobGlencat, brings in another load of gravel while Joe Furlong and others wait to spread it out.

Mike Green and Joe Rieker work on covering the steps in the plastic lumber.

The patio is almost ready for a layer of sand and the pavers which will cover the surface.

November Gas

The November Gas is in the mail.  It was mailed today (Saturday), so it should be hitting mailboxes Monday or Tuesday.  I’ve attached two jpegs of the Gas pages here.  Click on them to enlarge them.  If you want to print it out, I’d appreciate letting me know how it looks to you.  (Just click the comment link below and let me know what you think.)

When Kevin takes over the Gas in January, we may try to deliver it electronically to those who’d prefer it that way.  It would save the Club some money.

Nov 08 GasPg1 Nov 08 GasPg2

Let me know what you think.

Board meeting notes – November 5, 2008

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, November 5, 2008:

  • Shit List: Eric Galvin, Dan McGuire, Weston Porzelt, and Bill Yates
  • TV Service:  We’re actually getting very close to upgrading our service.  Looks like we’re going to stay with Direct TV.  It could happen this month.
  • Football Raffle:  Everything is going fine.
  • Club answering machine:  The Club has an answering machine.  You can call the Club and after 8 or 9 rings the machine will give out a message about the latest Club news or work schedule.
  • Money changer on the soda machine isn’t working.  We’re looking into the problem.
  • Glutton Gas:  Kevin will take over as Gas editor on January 1st.
  • Deck Expansion:  We’re making great progress. The new deck is almost done. Railings are next.  We’re still working on the wall and patio area.  So far we’ve spent about $8,800.
  • Ice freezer:  It will be moved somewhere by Alk, Rick, and Kevk.
  • Motion:  When the Board suspends a members dues it also suspends the members Club privileges.  Motion passed 5–0.
  • Receipts:  Some money has come up missing from the beer machine.  If you take money for purchases you’ve made LEAVE YOUR RECEIPTS. No exceptions!
  • Membership plaque:  Joe Rieker printed and framed it.  We then found a couple discrepancies, so he’ll redo it.
  • Karaoke Night at the Bistro:  Gary Spearman is once again having a Karaoke Night at the Bistro on Saturday, November 15th.  A good time was had by all who attended last year.  Location: South 94 Bistro in St. Charles (94 outer road and Jung Station) in the St. Charlestowne Plaza.
  • Poker Tournament:  Saturday, November 29th. That’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Start time is 7 pm sharp. Get there early. We’ll also do regular poker in the pool house.  Let Glen know if you’re gonna play.
  • Christmas Party December 20th:  The party will be held at the Club.  Dinner served at 7 pm with some sort of program at 8:00.  Smoking will not be allowed in the Club until after dinner, and then only in the bar room (not the rec room).  Smoking is permitted in the pool house.  Cost = $20 per person.
  • Trivia Night:  Saturday, January 31st at St. Norbert’s in Florissant.  That is the night before the Super Bowl.   We’re going to also use their kitchen to cook the shrimp for the Super Bowl that afternoon.
  • Glutton Thoroughbred Mouse Races:  We set the date of February 28th for the next Glutton  Mouse Races.  Mark your calendars.

Membership meeting notes – October 17, 2008

Notes from the Membership meeting of Friday, October 17, 2008:

  • Shit List: Eric Galvin, Dan Halverson, Westin Porzelt, Dan Murphy, Bill Yates, Dan McGuire.
  • Membership Plaque:  Brother Rieker got a clarification of a few names and is putting the finishing touches on it.
  • TV Service Committee Report:  Still nothing has been done.  We determined that we want a minimum of three receivers (possibly 4) and we’ll most likely go with Direct TV.  We MAY NEED to turn off our service for 30 days in order to get the best deal as a NEW CUSTOMER.  Glen and Gary promised (again) to get it done.
  • Poker Tournament:  November 29th is the date for the Texas Holdem Tournament.  Start time is 7 pm sharp.  We’ll also do regular poker in the pool house.
  • Trivia Night:  Date has been confirmed for Saturday, January 31st at St. Norbert’s in Florissant.  That is the night before the Super Bowl.   We’re going to also use their kitchen to cook the shrimp for the Super Bowl.
  • Glutton Thoroughbred Mouse Races:  We set the date of February 28th for the next Glutton  Mouse Races.  Mark your calendars.
  • Christmas Party December 20th:  The party will be held at the Club.  Dinner served at 7 pm with some sort of program at 8:00.
  • Karaoke Night at the Bistro:  Gary Spearman is once again having a Karaoke Night at the Bistro on Saturday, November 15th.  A good time was had by all who attended last year.  Location: South 94 Bistro in St. Charles (94 outer road and Jung Station) in the St. Charlestowne Plaza.
  • Deck Expansion: Work is progressing on the deck renovation. We’re primarily working weekends on the project. The septic tank was pumped out ($275) and a new, lower (under the deck surface) cleanout pipe was installed in it.  Most of the new deck substructure is in place and decking could be started soon.  The base of the retaining wall is being installed.  We’re going to try to get the bathroom in the pool house operational before the Christmas Party. The drain work is all complete, we just need to get the water connected and fixtures installed.
  • Bits & Pieces:  The bathroom door (by the living room) is in need of some repair.  Glen said he’d look into it. The bathroom itself has been approved for remodel, but it’s on the back burner because of the deck work. … We now have two trash companies at least for a while.  Might change later. … The ref chairs are in for a sealing soon by Larry the Painter Guy. … The storage container in the back yard is leaking and in need of some repair.  Glen and Rick will look into the best solution.  … Jim Woodside has donated 21 really nice chairs to the Club.  We’re trying to decide if we have the room to store them or if we want to get rid of them. ….  The membership voted to get a new telephone with an answering machine, so we can leave messages on it for the members – things like when the next workday is or info about an upcoming meeting or event. … Money changer on the beer machine is not working.  We’re looking into the problem.

Board meeting notes – October 1, 2008

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, October 1, 2008:

  • Shit List: Eric Galvin, Dan Halverson, Dave Heacock, Weston Porzelt, Gary Spearman and Bill Yates.
  • Golf Tournament:  39 players played.  Club made $185
  • TV committee: Nothing done yet another month.
  • Football Raffle:  Three weeks down and a dozen or so to go.  All tickets have been distributed. Winners listed in right sidebar.
  • Deck Expansion:  Old deck was removed.  Concrete slabs removed and some grading done.  Some plumbing work has been done.  The plan is to work on Sunday’s until it gets too cold.  Other days (and evenings) will be scheduled also.  Members are encouraged to come over and help out.
  • Membership Plaque:  Joe Rieker has printed a new plaque.  He just needs to get it framed and mounted.
  • Trivia Night:  We’re trying to get the night before Super Bowl, which will be Saturday, January 31st, since the Super Bowl will be on February 1st.  Our secondary pick is the Saturday before that. 
  • Mouse Races:  We’re going to wait until we secure the date for the Trivia Night, before we finalize the date for the Mouse Races.
  • Christmas Party:  It will be held at the Club on Saturday, December 20th.  Mark your calendars.
  • Poker Tournament:  November 29th is the date.  Yes, that’s Toilet Bowl Saturday, the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We’ve decided to forgo the paintball massacre this year.
  • Bit & Pieces: 
    • Bathroom still needs to be redone.
    • Living room is in need of a make-over.
    • We need to find a better place for the freezer than the rec room.
    • Kevin has said that he won’t be the Social Coordinator next year.
    • Jonco would like to turn over the Glutton Gas to a new editor.
    • Larry is going to clear-coat the ref chairs and updated picnic table.
    • Septic tank has been pumped out.
    • Thanks to Michaelia Green for catering the Deck Expansion Kickoff.  Excellent!
    • If you’re at the Club, fill up an ice bag or two and toss them into the freezer.
    • Reservation fee of $50 begins January, 1, 2009.
    • Alk says we need a new amplifier as ours is on it’s last leg.
    • UPS is donating $250 to the GMVB effort for the Children’s Home.
    • Operating Rules still need to be revised.
  • New Reservations
    • Oct 25 – Rick Walton

Deck expansion begins…

The deck expansion got underway big-time on Sunday.  We had great weather and a dozen or so guys helped out.  We got all the railing down, the deck boards taken up, and the deck framing removed where it needed to be removed.  I think we got more done than we expected.  Murph has marked the grounds for the excavating.  Food was provided my Michaelia Green.  Yum! 


Here’s a time-lapse video of the start of the project.

Below are more pictures from the day.  Click on them to enlarge them.

Deck10 Deck6

Deck7 Deck8

Deck2 Deck4

Deck3 Deck5

  Nest up:  We’re going to get the concrete slabs removed and then some grading of the area before we dig the trenches for the new wall.

Come on over and help out!


Gary Schirmer’s mom passes

Dan McGuire sends word that Gary Schirmer’s mother passed away on Tuesday, September 16, 2008.   Here is the obituary:

Florence “Mimi” Schirmer     
Schirmer, Florence ‘Mimi’ Fortified with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church on Tues., Sept. 16, 2008. Beloved wife of the late Elmer W. Schirmer; loving mother of Wayne E. (Jeanette), Gary (Stacy) Schirmer and Sue (Craig) Sullivan; proud grandmother of Kelley, Scott, Angela, Erin, Ryan and Kevin; dearest great-grandmother of Grace, Drew, Lucas, Ella, Jakob and Owen; dear sister of the late Col. Edward (Mary) Kaminski; dear aunt, great-aunt and friend. Memorials to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church or Community Loving Care Hospice encouraged.Services: The Stygar Family of Funeral Service is caring for Florence’s Family. Family will receive friends at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 7717 Hwy N. (Dardenne Prairie) on Sat., Sept. 20 from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. concluding with a Celebration of Mass at 11a.m. PLEASE MEET AT CHURCH. Interment Bethlehem Cemetery. A STYGAR MID RIVERS Funeral Home Service.
Gary & Stacy Schirmer
2037 Waters Edge Ct.
Lake St. Louis, MO 63367

Home: 636-561-8315
Cell: 636-578-2226