Officers – 2016

Registered Office: 11019 Jerries Lane, St. Louis, MO 63136
Registered Agent: Michael Mathews – (314) 578-2926 –

Board of Directors

Board Member / Alternate Jim Doyle M 314-420-2536
Board Member Mike Green M 314-737-6675
Board Member Dave Heacock M 314-646-9729
Board Member / Treasurer Mike Mathews M 314-578-2926
Board Member Kurt Mirth M 314-578-0498
Board Member / Secretary Glen Morris M 314-574-7087
Board Member Dan Murphy M 314–496–9766
Board Member Mark Paulsen M 636-541-0850

Corporation Officers 

President: Joe Rieker M 636-439-1263
Vice-President: Jon Heacock M 314-604-7750
Treasurer: Mike Mathews M 314-578-2926
Second Treasurer: Mike Green M 314-737-6675
Secretary: Glen Morris M 314-574-7087
Sergeant at Arms: Ray Staples M 314-605-3121
Social Coordinator: Jon Heacock M 314-604-7750
First Orientation Officer: Dave Heacock M 314-852-2327
Second Orientation Officer: Al Karniski M 314-805-7469
Parliamentarian: Barry Colebank M 314-488-6247


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