Deck work continues

We had a great weather day on Saturday.  About 15 guys showed up to help on the project.  Even the Jew made an appearance.


We finished the steps and the back railing except for the baluster (spindles). 

Murph and Kevin work on the landscape area alongside the garage walkway.

Rick and his cousin move bricks from in front of the garage to the back yard.

Bricklayer Glen takes a refreshment break.

Alk sweeps sand in the cracks of the walkway.

Patio progress

Most of the pavers have been laid.


Patio ess
Cryptic message in the paving stones. Can you see it?

Side patio
Murph is still working on this area.  The steps to the yard start in the bottom left corner of this picture.  Landscaping and the a/c unit will sit outside the walkway.

Work will continue this Saturday.  We’re hoping to get a good crowd there to help out.  Construction of the roof structure could begin as soon as next weekend.

Shaping up

The deck expansion got back underway Saturday with the great weather we had.  We completed the fence at the north end of the pool.  It has a removable section for large events.


3 bricks per beer
Dave H prepares to put down the first pavers.

Kevin does one last sweep with the compactor.

Paving crew deciding on the pattern they want for the kitchen perimeter.

Stepping up:  A crew works on setting the stringer for the steps to one of the the landings.

Haulin’ Ass…

…. and concrete.

A touch of mild weather allows the boys to get a little concrete work done on Saturday.

Susich hauling concrete
Dan Sucich wheels a load of concrete to the patio area.

Johnlee concrete
John Lee finishes off a slab while Larry admires his work.

Mike Larry side
Mike and Larry Green prepare the forms for the next batch of concrete.

Supervisor Row
Supervisor Rowberry, down in his back, listens as Dan mutters something or other.

Another productive day on the deck expansion

Framing grill
The framed in areas are for the kitchen.  The island on the left will have a bar area on the left and a work table on the right with a sink, cutting board and storage.  The other framed area on the right (along the wall) will be where the gas and charcoal grills will be located.  There will be an exhaust hood over the grill area.

Glen, driving the BobGlencat, brings in another load of gravel while Joe Furlong and others wait to spread it out.

Mike Green and Joe Rieker work on covering the steps in the plastic lumber.

The patio is almost ready for a layer of sand and the pavers which will cover the surface.

Deck expansion begins…

The deck expansion got underway big-time on Sunday.  We had great weather and a dozen or so guys helped out.  We got all the railing down, the deck boards taken up, and the deck framing removed where it needed to be removed.  I think we got more done than we expected.  Murph has marked the grounds for the excavating.  Food was provided my Michaelia Green.  Yum! 


Here’s a time-lapse video of the start of the project.

Below are more pictures from the day.  Click on them to enlarge them.

Deck10 Deck6

Deck7 Deck8

Deck2 Deck4

Deck3 Deck5

  Nest up:  We’re going to get the concrete slabs removed and then some grading of the area before we dig the trenches for the new wall.

Come on over and help out!


Deck expansion kicks off Sunday

Starting early Sunday morning, the deck area will become a construction site as we begin the largest project yet at the Club.  The first step will be to clear off the deck of all the canopies and deck furniture.  Then we’ll begin dismantling the deck itself.  The project will continue through the fall and winter months (weather permitting) and into the spring. 

We’re asking the members to make themselves available to help with this project.  Even if you lack construction knowledge we need your help.  Be there on Sunday as we begin.

Deck Expansion 040208
This is a general plan.  Some of the details have changed and will most likely change more as we continue the project.  (Click to enlarge).  For more information see the Deck Expansion Page

Club Clean-Up underway

Cleanup2Club cleanup is in it’s second week.  The turnout for the second weekend was less than the first weekend.  However a lot has been done.  But there’s still a lot that needs to be done.  The pool has been drained and some spot painting will be done shortly.  A lot of cleaning has been going on and miscellaneous other things.   There is still a list of things that still need to be done.  So, PLEASE try to get over to the Club and do your part.  You can call Kevin at the Club and he’ll guide you as to what exactly he needs help with.