Mar 172013

Green eggs and wham

Alk, AKA Dr. Juice, was just one of many revelers who partook of green beer,  corned beef and cabbage and the fixins to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the club on Saturday.  Thanks to Kevin and Jodi, Mike & Terri Green and the Andy Norton and his sister-wives for the food prep and decorations.  As they say, a good time was had by all.

Sister-wives Sm med lg It aint easy bein green St pats crowd St pats fire St pats dan St pats crowd2 St pats vince St pats crowd3



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Mar 112013

LeprechaunGrab your little leprechaun and head on over to the Glutton Club this Saturday, March 16, for a bit of green St. Patrick’s Day celebratin’.

Festivities get underway around 2 or 3 pm or after the parade if you’re goin’.  Corned beef and cabbage and potatoes will be the fare.  You’re asked to bring a snack or side dish to share and $5 per person ifin’ yer plannin’ to partake in some corned beef and cabbage & fixins. 

See you on Saturday!


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Dec 022012

Retired Dan

Dan Sucich who has been counting down the days until his retirement for the last two year or so to anyone who’d listen, made it official Saturday night with his “surprise” retirement party at the club.  A great crowd was on hand to show Dan how much they cared.  And for the free beer and food!  A job well done.  Congratulations Dan!


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Nov 122012

Christa is throwing Dan Sucich a surprise retirement party at the club on December 1st.  Dan apparently knows about the surprise party (don’t ask me).  The invitation is below.  Please RSVP to Christa by November 18th.

Dans retirement party

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Nov 082012

Heres jonny2The Glutton Halloween Party got off to a slow start but by the end of the evening about 25 people attended and a good time was had by all. 

Music, Lights and fog provided by Alk and Andy.  Jonco won the best costume contest with his “Here’s Johnny” costume. 

Halloween1 Halloween2 Halloween3 Halloween6Halloween4 Halloween5 Halloween7

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Oct 092012

Glutton halloween partyA Halloween costume party will be held on Saturday, October 27th  commencing at about 7 pm. 

Victims Guests are asked to bring a snack or dish to share and the last beverages you might ever have….


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Mar 172012

Slip and run

Michaela Green runs down an innocent pedestrian as she tries to escape from the opulent world headquarters of the International Brotherhood of Gluttons Saturday night.  She was spotted with a Leprechaun duct-taped in the back seat as she tried to force him to lead her to his pot and the end of the rainbow.

Or… Alk slips in the mud as he tries to free the car that was stuck in the mud driven by car-jacker Michaela Green.

Or…  Alk crapped his pants and Michaela is just trying to nudge the poor beast into an upright standing position.

Or… Something else happened.

No vehicles were harmed in the making of this photo.


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Mar 122012

Kurt napGrab your little leprechaun and head on over to the Glutton Club on Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day for a bit of green celebratin’.

Festivities get underway around 2 or 3 pm or after the parade if you’re goin’.  Corned beef and cabbage and potatoes will be the fare.  You’re asked to bring a snack or side dish to share and $5 per person. 

They’re goin’ to have a few drinks from the Progressive Dinners leftover funds, but if you’ve got a little Irish in ya (and who doesn’t on St. Patty’s Day) or if yer’ a Glutton you might want to pack a cooler cause them leftovers won’t go far.

Rumor has it that some chick named Erin will go brahless too!


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Feb 282012

Progressive dinnerThe Gluttons will hold a Progressive Dinner this Saturday, March 3, 2012.  A progressive dinner is a dinner party in which each successive course is prepared and eaten at the residence of a different host.

We’re going to start out at Joe and Karen’s house (117 Lamplighter Way, 63368) in O’Fallon MO at 3 pm and then work our way back closer to town as the evening progresses.  There will be 4 stops along the way.  I’m sure a group will meet at the club around 2 pm and carpool out west.

There will be a $5 pp charge and you’re asked to BYOB.

For more info call (636–477–0724) or email Mike & Terri Green.


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Feb 072012

The Glutton Super Bowl Shrimp Feast lived up to it’s name on Sunday.  The game was great and we had lots of shrimp and many other foods.  A feast it truly was.  At least 50 people were there and enjoyed the day.           Click the photos to enlarge


Shrimpfeast2 Shrimpfeast3 Shrimpfeast5 Shrimpfeast6 Shrimpfeast7 Shrimpfeast8 Shrimpfeast9 Shrimpfeast10 Shrimpfeast11 Shrimpfeast12

As they say, “A great time was had by all”.



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Feb 012012

Super Bowl InsigniaIt’s that time again.  Time to get together and watch the Super Bowl commercials.  A game will take place between commercials.  Game kickoff is 5:30 pm, so the festivities will kick off at 3:30 pm.  There’ll be shrimp, chili, chips, fixins, soda and beer.

 Cost is $15 per adult – kids negotiable.  Bring a snack to share!


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Dec 272011

Forty-nine people attended the Glutton Christmas Party at the club on Friday, December 16th. 

Celebrate good times

Blue christmas duet Jingle jugs Christmas jew 


Collusion conference Meat prep Bic chick flick Just friends Bah humbug 3 ladies plus Silly faces JonDave Twistd twosome 

3 stooges Liquor liker Joe photobomber 

A good time was had by all…. and to all a good night!


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Dec 092011

The 47th  annual Glutton Christmas Party and Awards Show will take place next Friday, December 16th.  Doors open at 6 pm (but it’s you club and you can come any time).  Dinner will be server around 7 pm with the program to follow.

The fare…..

Catered by Russo’sAnimated-glitter-santa-claus-graphic

  • Beef Brisket
  • Chicken Spedini
  • Two potato dishes
  • Two salads
  • Beer
  • Soda
  • Wine
  • Cocktails (limited)
  • Cake for dessert


  • $20 per person

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Everyone is asked to bring a White Elephant gift.  It should be gift wrapped and unmarked.  Everyone who brings a gift will receive a gift.


You’ll be given a ballot with categories to vote on when you arrive.  You can add and Special Awards to a deserving person or persons.

Remember it’s Friday this year and not Saturday!


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Sep 162011

A gorilla about 30 foot high towered over the patio on Friday night at the Glutton Park Balloon Glow.  The beast known as Kurt Kong was secured and didn’t break loose of his restraints.  Lighted balloons were set adrift throughout the evening until one went into the big cedar next to the house.  Had the tree caught fire we would have been able to build an even bigger deck and patio with the insurance proceeds.  A well behaved crowd enjoyed the music, trivia and goose head beer (or something like that) and duck fries along with other delicacies that party goers brought.  Excellent job by Pat B, Kurt M and their Mary little elves.

Rilla2   Rilla4  Rilla3 Fry chefs 

Balloon boys

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Sep 122011

Glutton park balloon raceThe first ever Glutton Park Balloon Race will take place this Friday evening, September 16th.  Festivities get underway as soon as YOU arrive. 

There will be specialty drinks and delicious treats by Kurb & Company.  Kurb is a conglomerate of Kurt Mirth and Pat Bettis.

Cost is $5 per person and you’re asked to bring a snack to share and something to drink.  Those specialty drinks will only go so far.



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