Jon Gray Undergoes Tripple Bypass

John grayFather’s Day this year will be one that John Gray doesn’t forget.  John had an “episode” last week, but didn’t think much of it.  Annie convinced him to go to the ER on Wednesday.  Tests showed that he indeed has blockages in his arteries so he was scheduled for the triple bypass on Father’s Day.

The surgery was successful and John will be in the ICU for 48 hours.  If things continue to go as expected he will probably be going home near the end of the week.

Having an “episode” after the big Memorial Day Pignic is not unusual for most Gluttons, but it’s usually the next day when we feel the effects.  Hats off to the cooks who perhaps contributed to this long lasting epic episode.

Seriously, our thoughts and prayers go out to Jon and we wish him a speedy recovery as he recuperates at home in Florida.


Changes to By-Laws Adopted

The Board of Directors of the Redman Acres Athletic Club has overwhelmingly adopted some changes to the by-laws of the corporation.  These amendments need the ratification of the membership to be put into force.  The changes will be voted on at the January membership meeting that is set for Friday, January 17, 2014 beginning at 7:17 pm.  

Briefly the changes would:

1. Amend Honorary Membership Classification back to what it was, but with a new approval process.
2. Adopt new “Life” Membership Classification for Dave Brink, Jon Heacock, Dan McGuire & Bill Yates who were formerly designated as Honorary members. 
3. Adopt new “Senior” Membership Classification that would allow a former member who doesn’t come around much to still be an official part of the club.
You can read a summary of the changes and the full changed amendments in the link below.  Members are encouraged to read these before attending the meeting on January 17.
Also you’ll find a proxy form that you can use to vote if you’re not able to attend the meeting.