Apr 262014

Mouse races4The Glutton Mouse Races set for Saturday, May 3rd, has been postponed.  We have a serious septic tank issue that won’t be resolved until that weekend.  That and the upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration take precedent over the Mouse Races. 

We’ll let everyone know when the Glutton Mouse Races are rescheduled.

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Mar 112013


113 people attended the Glutton Mouse Races Saturday night.  It proved to be the best one we’ve done to date.  We had a lot of great compliments about how we run the event.   Thanks to those who worked and to those who came.

Mice2 Mice4 Mice6 Mice5 Mice7 Mice8 Mice9 Mice3 Mice10


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Feb 192011

Mouse jumpGlutton Thoroughbred Mouse Races are tonight, February 19th.

Doors open at 6:30 and the first race begins at 7:30.

Live closed circuit broadcast of each race.  +++   Rat Cam     +++  Squeal of Fortune!

Admission $3     +++   Food and drinks available at reasonable cost. 

No coolers please as this is a fundraiser for the club.

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Mar 012009

Another successful Glutton Mouse Races in in the books.  We had a good turnout and everyone seemed to have a great time… except for the mouse who got his brain eaten by a fellow mouse.  Final numbers aren’t in yet, but it looks like we made over $1,000.

Ready to run

Takin bets

Technical difficulties

Drooling Buddies 

A few old friends…with emphasis on OLD.

Trying to outsmart the mice

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