Membership meeting notes – January 21, 2011

Notes from the Membership meeting of January 21, 2011.

  • Shit List: B Combest, D Halverson, A Norton
  • Bill changer: Brother Rieker says we can get a rebuilt changer for $90.  Membership said to do it.
  • Tile & Carpet in LR: Tile will be by end of February (new date)  Carpet soon after that if we’re lucky.
  • Entry card system: Still working on getting upgrade to system software
  • Christmas Party: Final report –  Club lost $100 on the party
  • Calendar: We need a big one for the Club.  Twig volunteered to bring one.
  • Corner House: We’ve contacted Joyce but haven’t heard back from her.
  • Tree trimming: We have a tree that needs to come down that’s over the container out back.  Will do that in spring.
  • Reservation Committee: A committee has been formed to look into the possibility of changing the reservation policy that would allow preferences for seniority or those who do more around the club.  Committee members are Glen, Joe Pagano, Alk, Rick Walton, Dan Murphy and Jonco,  A meeting date was not set.
  • Flag pole: We can get a nice 35 ft flag pole for free.  The membership voted to spend up to $200 to install it in concrete.
  • Beer prices: Retail beer has gone up in price as of January 1st.  It now costs about 70¢ – 75¢ a can for us to buy.  A motion was presented to raise the price to $1.  Motion was 11 for and 11 against. Motion failed.
  • Burn barrel and BBQ pit paint: A motion was passed to spend up to $30 to purchase fireproof paint for the old BBQ pit and the burn barrel.
  • Reservations ($75 fee and $50 clean-up deposit)
    • Jan 23 –  D Heacock –  St. Norberts football championship party –  All welcome $10 donation + BYOB
    • May 7 –  Larry Green
      May 14 –  Held for Club Washer Tournament
    • May 21 –  Al Karniski
    • Jun 11 –  Held for Club –  Komen Race
    • Jun 18 –  Jonco
    • Jun 25 –  Twig
    • Jul 2 –  Held for Club –  July 4 weekend
    • Jul 9 –  D Murphy (D. Heacock)
    • Jul 16 –  G Rowberry
    • Jul 23 –  J Furlong
    • Jul 30 –  John Lee
    • Aug 6 –  GMVB
    • Aug 20 –  Gerard
    • Aug 27 –  Rick Walton
    • Sep 10 –  Gary Spearman
    • Sep 24 –  Held for Club –  Golf Tournament

  • Upcoming Events
    • Feb 5: Trivia Night –  St. Norberts –  Doors open at 6:30 Trivia starts around 7 pm
    • Feb 6: Super Bowl Shrimp Feast –  3:30 at the Club $15pp, Bring a dish or snack to share
    • Feb 19: Mouse Races –  Organizational meeting Wed, Jan 26 at 6:30
    • Mar 12: St. Pat’s Party – 2 pm –  ? at the Club
      May 14: Washer Tournament
    • May 29: Memorial Day Pignic
    • Sep 3–4: Glutton Float Trip –  Huzzah Valley –  Contact Glen for more info
    • Sep 24: Golf Tournament
  • New Board of Directors: A new Board of Directors was elected
    • Glen Morris, Mike Green, Larry Green, Mike Mathews, Gary Rowberry, Al Karniski and Jon Heacock.  Joe Rieker is the Alternate board member.

Board meeting notes – January 5, 2011

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, January 5, 2011.

  • Shit List: B Combest, R Drezek, D Gase, D Halverson, A Norton
  • Christmas Party: 42 attended.  All bills aren’t in yet but we think we lost some money on the party
  • Renovations:  Tile in living room should be done by Membership meeting (Jan 21)
  • Bill changer on soda machine:  Authorized spending of $125 for a use changer.
  • Entry Card System:  We’re still trying to get the software updated and some new keys.
  • Internet access:  Seems to be working fine and is getting used often.  Looked into changing the phone into a residence phone and not a business.  Would save about $15–$18 a month but would be a hassle to do it.
  • Membership meeting scheduled for Friday night January 21, 2011 at 7:21 pm.
  • Upcoming events
    • Feb 5 –  Trivia Night  More info
    • Feb 6 –  Super Bowl Shrimp Feast  3:20 pm (Game time 5:20)  Bring a dish or snack $15 pp
    • Feb 19 –  Mouse Races  More info
    • Feb 21 –  Membership Meeting 7:21

Board meeting notes – December 1, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, December 1, 2010.

  • Shit List: D Gase, D Halverson, L Martinez, D McGuire, B Combest, A Norton
  • Reservation policy updated:  Will be posted shortly and linked to here.
    • Point System: The Board discussed a points system where members would be given more opportunities to reserve the club based on seniority, work, duties, meeting and event attendance.  A committee is being formed to study this idea further.
  • Entryway:  Dan Murphy has done an excellent job on remodeling the entryway.  The paving is complete including a new step to the rec room door.  Still remaining is the fence and gate and landscaping….  A spring project.
  • Club winterized:  The pool and outdoor kitchen have been winterized. 
  • Living Room / Trophy Room:  The living room and trophy room have undergone a sprucing up and clean-up.  We girt rid of a lot of old furniture, de-junked painted the rooms, installed new light fixtures and hung up a lot of old pictures.  We have a couple more to do.  We’re also going to add some tile in part of that area and new carpet in the rest after the holidays.
  • Soda machine bill changer is still not working.  We’re  s l o w l y   looking into getting a replacement or something similar.
  • Key Card Entry system:  We’re in the process of upgrading the software and getting some new cards since we’re about out of old ones.
  • Bowling at Corner Bar was a success.  We had 25 bowlers and everyone had a good time.  We recouped all but $11 of our deposit.
  • New Member reminder:  Associate members are required to attend at least five meetings during their first year of membership.  They’re also expected to work and attend Club functions.
  • Internet:  The wireless internet seems to be getting used quite a bit at the Club.  Glen wondered if there was any way we could save some money on the phone/Internet service.  We’re looking into it.
  • Coming up
    • Christmas Party Sat. December 18th  Doors open at 6, Dinner served at 7, Program at 8.  $20 pp
    • Trivia Night Saturday, February 5th  at St. Norberts 7 pm
    • Super Bowl Shrimp Feast Sunday February 6th  3 pm
    • Mouse Races Saturday February 19th  7 pm
    • St. Pat’s Party Saturday March 12th 3 pm
    • Memorial Day Pignic –  Sunday, May 29, 2011
    • GMVB 2011 –  Saturday, August 6, 2011
    • Golf Tournament –  Saturday, Sept 24, 2011
    • Washer Tournament –  Date TBA

Board meeting notes – November 3, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

  • Entryway is progressing.  Murph thinks he’ll come in real close to budget.
  • Reservation Policy changed:  The Board voted to change the Reservation Policy.  The main changes are an increase in the reservation free from $50 to $75.  The $50 cleanup deposit is still in effect.  Also the Board will allow you to reserve an unused date 45 days in advance instead of 30 days as it was in the past.  Also, to reserve a date you MUST pay your deposit and fee at the time of the reservation.  The updated reservation policy will be posted on this site soon and will be linked to from here.
  • Outdoor kitchen:  Dave H brought pictures of some skirting to cover the undersink area and under the grills.  Looks nice.  He’s going to get prices for that.
  • Shit List:  B. Combest, D. Gase, C Harris, D Halverson, L Martinez, A Norton
  • Outside TV:  The 52” TV that was hanging outside has been moved into the living room.
  • Living room area:  A major de-junking of the living room took place a couple weeks ago.   The area was painted and the trophy room was redone.  We’re in the process of refurbishing and rehanging the old club pictures.  The TV looks great over the fireplace.  We’re also going to replace the carpeting, install new light fixtures, blinds, fireplace cover, etc for a cost of about $700.
  • Fireplace:  The Board voted unanimously to ban any fires in the fireplace.  The flue pipes are cracked and a fire could easily cause the place to burn down.  NO FIRES!  Besides that danger the smoke and heat could damage the TV.
  • Bill changer:  It is still being talked about.  J Rieker said he’d get involved again and see if he get the issue resolved.
  • Tile:  Rowberry is still all over it.
  • Key card entry system:  Byrd and Jonco are trying to update the key card entry system and get some new keys.  More info soon.
  • Card Table:  We’re in the market for a nice large (perhaps used) card table
  • Upcoming events
    • Poker Tournament this Friday, November 5
    • Bowling at Corner Bar –  Friday, November 26 (day after Thanksgiving)
    • Christmas Party  –  Saturday, December 18 at Club
    • Trivia Night –  Saturday Feb 5, 2011 at St. Norberts
    • Super Bowl Shrimp Feast –  Sunday, Feb 6, 2011 at Club
    • Mouse Races – Feb 19, 2011
    • St. Pat’s Parade and Party –  Saturday, March 12
    • Memorial Day Pignic –  Sunday, May 29, 2011
    • GMVB 2011 –  Saturday, August 6, 2011
    • Golf Tournament –  Saturday, Sept 24, 2011
    • Washer Tournament –  Date TBA

Membership meeting notes – October 8, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Friday, October 8, 2010.

  • Reservations: A committee is updating the Reservation policy
  • Football Raffle is sold out and is progressing as planned.
  • GMVB –  A final meeting is needed to close out the year
  • Work Day –  Sunday, October 17 –  Close pool, clean living room, acid wash the bricks, move TV inside, etc
  • New tile in front room entry.  Rowberry is all over it.
  • Patio/Rec Room entryway:  The entryway is under renovation by Murph and his crew.  He hopes to have it done by Thanksgiving.
  • Shit List:  J Woodside, L Martinez, D Halverson
  • Expenses: Byrd will bring a breakdown of Club expenses to next board meeting
  • New member:  John McCabe was voted in as a Resident member by a vote of 13–1
  • Windows:  Mike Green was given the windows that have been in the storage container for several years.
  • Something stinks:  There has been a bad sewer smell in the pool house that seems to come and go.  No one knows what it is.

Note:  This could be the shortest membership meeting ever held at the Club.  It began at 7:08 and ended at 8:09.  One hour and one minute!

Board meeting notes – October 6, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, October 6, 2010.

  • Sex Trivia was successful.  Everyone had a good time.  Next year: Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll
  • Football Raffle is going along fine.  We have a few tickets left. Contact Schoendienst.
  • Deck Committee: Minor touches being sone,.  Larry painted the pool house wall where the window once was.
  • Golf Tournament was successful.  We had 14 teams that played. 
  • Credit cards:  We finally got the Square credit card reader, so we can accept credit cards at events in the future.
  • Tree Trimming:  Murph and Rick took down one of the cedar/spruce trees on the north end of the pool.  Others will be taken out soon.  They need a little help.
  • Bill changer:  Still can’t get the one on the soda machine fixed.  Anyone have any ideas?
  • Entry card system:  We’re looking into modernizing the system software.  We may need to issue new keys if we can’t make a smooth transition to new software.  Byrd and Jonco looking into it.
  • Workday –  Sunday, October 17 9 am:  There are several things that need to be done around the club to get it ready for winter and general maintenance.  Among them:  Cut down trees, winterize pool and kitchen, put away lawn furniture, bring the outside TV inside, clean the living room, finish the utility room remodel, and on and on.
  • Reservation policy:  A committee is in the process of trying to revise the reservation policy.  Their first effort was read at the Board meeting and received some praise and some criticism.  It’s a work in progress. 
  • New Entry Way:  Murph displayed his ideas on the reconstruction of the main door and patio entry.  It involves better steps to the rec room and patio area, with planter boxes and pavers similar to the other side of the garage.  Cost is $600 or less.  Board approved and the work should begin in the next couple of weeks and should be done by Thanksgiving.
  • GMVB shirts:  Jonco still has some for sale if anyone is interested.
  • Road Dirt:  Gerard got us several loads of free dirt recently.   We had Rick’s cousin Bob come over and spread it up around the road making it easier to drive off the road onto the yard.  (Cost $200)  The recent road work on Jerries made access to the yard dangerous.  This dirt fixes that problem.  It was seeded and straw was put down.  Once the grass takes hold it’ll be ready to drive on.
  • Coming up
    • Membership Meeting, Friday, October 8, 2010 at 7:08 pm
    • Octoberfest at Morris Farm October 23 weekend.:  Everyone is welcome to attend the Octoberfest at the Morris Farm in Brighton IL.  Bring your drinks and a dish to share.  Contact Glen or Julie for details.
    • Texas Hold-Em Poker Tournament –  Friday, November 5th. Doors open at 6:30.  Be ready to play at 7.
    • Bowling at the Corner Bar –  Friday, November 26 (the day after Thanksgiving) from 8 -12.  Contact Mike Green if you plan to go so he can get a count.
    • Glutton Christmas Party –  December 18th..  Mark your calendars.
    • Glutton Trivia Night –  Saturday, February 5 at St. Norbert’s (gymnasium)

Board meeting notes – September 1, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, September 1, 2010.

  • GMVB 2010:  Best Ever!!!  We raised a record $3000 for the Children’s Home.
  • Wireless Internet:  It is now functional at the Club.  For the wireless key, contact Jonco or Kevin.
  • Sex Trivia: 12 or 13 teams are set to play September 10th.
  • Football Raffle:  We still have some tickets left.  Contact Don Schoendienst for tickets.
  • Golf Tournament:  The 11th annual Glutton Golf Tournament will take place on Saturday, September 25, 2010.  Starts at 8 am at Belk Park in Wood River. More info
  • Ice:  If you use ice, please bag up some to replace what you use.  This helps everyone out.
  • Future improvements:
    • Entryway:  Dan Murphy is coming up with a plan to redo the pool area entryway (by the rec room door).
    • Gazebo:  There was talk of a possible elevated gazebo or bandstand over the pool filter
    • Living Room:  It needs an overhaul.  We need ideas for that end of the house.
  • Neighboring property:  There seems to be some interest in us looking into the corner property next door as an investment.
  • Membership Meeting:  Set for October 8th  at 7:08 pm.
  • Reservation:  Oct 30 –  K McCauley

Membership meeting notes – July 16, 2010

Notes from the Membership meeting of Friday, July 16, 2010

  • GMVB:  Saturday, August 7
    • Dirt: We’re going to get up to 3 loads of dirt for the MVB courts at a cost of $200 per load.
    • Porta Potties:  We’re getting 2 handicapped and 2 regular and 1 handwashing station.  cost unknown.
    • Booze Basket:  We’re asking all members to bring a bottle of booze for the raffle
    • Meeting:  We’re going to have one more meeting.  Date TBA
  • Deck expansion:  Basically done.  A few more touch-ups to do.
  • Pool Committee:  We approved purchase of a deck box to keep pool supplies in –  $139
  • ‘Soda machine’:  Bill changer on the machine is out and being serviced.
  • Burn barrel:  Schoendienst has one.  He just needs to get it cut and over to the Club.
  • Trees:  We’re going to bring down at least one of the large cedars at the north end of the pool because the needles are hurting the deck and pool.  Will be done before GMVB
  • Football Raffle:  Tickets have been ordered and will be printed and be available by GMVB.
  • Vacuum cleaner:  Byrd donated one for the Club.  We now have two.  Try them out sometime.  🙂
  • Wireless internet:  Membership voted to acquire wireless internet access at the Club. 
  • Reservations:  Dan Murphy reserved the Club on Saturday, November 27.
  • New Members:  Gerard sponsored Ray Staples of North County.  (Don’t hold that against Ray)
  • Coming up:
    • GMVB –  Saturday, August 7
    • Sex Trivia –  Friday, September 10
    • Golf Tournament –  Saturday, September 25 –  $75 pp.  8 am start at Belk Park

Board meeting notes – July 7, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, July 7, 2010.

  • GMVB  Everything is going smoothly so far. 
    •  Workers wrist bands: $15, $10 (no drinking adults) and $5 kids under 10.
    • Need dirt for the courts.  Rick looking into it.\
    • We’re thinking about buying another freezer
    • Beer booth will close at a pre-determined time after the tourney
    • 10 teams paid as of July 7
    • Jimmy Doyle is getting us 6 cases of hot dogs for .18 lb.
  • Deck Committee:  Everything is done except so me finishing touches in the outdoor kitchen.  The project came in just a little over budget.  It really looks spectacular!
  • Cedar trees:  We’re going to bring down at least one of the large cedars at the north end of the pool because the needles are hurting the deck and pool.
  • Burn barrel:  Don Schoendienst has one.  He just has to get it cut and brought over.  The old one (original pool filter) finally burned through.
  • Football Raffle:  We need to get going on it.  Jonco will order the tickets to print.
  • Toilet broken:  Somehow the toilet in the recently remodeled hall bathroom was broken off the stack.  Someone must have fallen against it and broke the bolts holding it on.  It happened sometime around Father’s Day.
  • Container for pool supplies:  Kevin thinks we need something.  We talked about using on e of the freezers when it’s not being used for ice (which would be most of the time)
  • Security cameras:  Some think the cameras shouldn’t be on the pool.  Will discuss at Membership meeting.
  • Living Room Furniture:  We need to clear out some of it
  • Coming up
    • Membership Meeting –  Friday, July 16 at 7:16 pm
    • Bowling at Corner Bar –  Mike Green is looking into getting us a date.
    • Sex Trivia –  Friday, September 10
    • Golf Tournament –  Saturday, September 25th  at Belk Park in Wood River IL

Clean Up After Yourself.  It’s become apparent that people aren’t cleaning up after themselves.  If you bring something to the Club, take it home or throw it away.  That includes food, towels, clothing.  If it’s left at the Club it becomes community property and/or will be thrown out.

We also need the members to police who is here.  We’ve had instances of people being at the Club who don’t belong at the Club or don’t have permission to be there.

Board meeting notes – June 2, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

  • Shit List:  Joe Furlong and Dan Halverson
  • Memorial Day Pignic.  A good crowd, sunny, warm weather with no rain and we broke even.
  • GMVB:  Meeting set for next Wednesday, June 9th at 6 pm.  5 pm for 3 organizers.
  • Trees have been trimmed in the last few weeks.  Maybe not all, but several.  Good progress.
  • Burn barrel is shot.  Rick hauled it away and got cash for scrap.  We need a new barrel.  Rumor has it that Deadeye Don has one and will get it over to the club.
  • Busch Stadium seats:  We’re thinking about making them a permanent fixture inside the new gate entrance coming this fall.
  • Football Raffle Pool:  The Board thinks this worked out well last year and that we need to get started on it for this coming season as soon as possible.
  • 50th Anniversary:  The Board talked about starting a committee to come up with a plan for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Club’s founding in 2014.  Byrd, Jonco, Rowberry all expressed interest. 
  • Pool Shark is now back up and working fine.
  • As the beer flowed so did the obnoxious conversation and rowdiness demonstrating the need to limit free beer during the meeting.
  • Vacuum cleaner:  Glen expressed frustration in dealing with the vacuum cleaner at the Club.   Rick volunteered to bring the old Dirt Devil back and the Board said they’d make sure we have plenty of vacuum bags on hand when one needed to be changed.
  • Reservations:
    • June 11 –  Dave Heacock (changed from June 4)
    • June 25 (Fri) –  Kevin McCauley
  • Membership meeting set for Friday, July 16, 2010 at 7:16 pm.

Board meeting notes – May 5, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, May 5, 2010.

  • Shit List: Joe Furlong, Chad Harris and Dan Halverson.  Delinquent members will be contacted.
  • Bar Stools:  Club purchases 8 from K-Mart that are similar to the ones we already have for $320
  • GMVB:  Set for Saturday, August 7, 2010.  We’re going to have both can beer and draft beer.  Those are the two major changes.  Everything else is about the same.  Flyers out soon.
  • Deck Expansion:  4 new stainless steel fans for patio area purchased for $549.  Kitchen will be done by the Pignic.
  • Poker Tournament:  We had 18 players.  Charlie Morris was the winner.  Club made $190.
  • Bathroom remodel:  Bathroom is finished.  Hall is being finished and the utility room is in progress.  The ice maker has been moved to the bar room.  We need to tackle the living room next.  We’re going to more tile and do the ‘dining room’ half of the living room.
  • Memorial Bricks:  The bricks have come in but they’re not formatted the way we ordered them.  We’ll install them in the patio on the workday Sunday, May 16th. (See below)
  • Memorial Day Pignic:  The 40th Glutton Memorial Day Pignic will take place on Sunday, May 30.  There seems to be a discrepancy on the price, but I think it’s the same as last year: $15 for adults, $10 for kids under 21 and kids under 6 are free.  Food served around 2 pm, so get there early.  Board voted to have the band Hazard County play (Southern Rock) from 6–10 pm.  Cost $200 ($100 of which is being paid by Gary S & Kevin M.
  • New TV:  We purchased a 52 inch Sharp flat screen for the patio.  Cost: $1,060.  Looks great… if it lasts.
  • Pool:  It’s being readied for the summer.  Starting to clear up and looks good.  Pool Shark is in need of repair.  We’re looking into it.
  • New members:  Rick Drezek is being sponsored again by Glen.
  • Free chairs:  We have some stack chairs that we need to get rid of in the living room.  They’re free for the taking.
  • Work Day:  Sunday, May 16th  is set as a major work day at the Club.  Please try to come by and lend a hand.  There is a lot to do.   9 am –  ?

Membership meeting notes – April 16, 2010

Notes from the Membership meeting of Friday, April 16, 2010.

  • GMVB moved to Saturday, August 7th.  The membership voted to move GMVB 2010 to a Saturday instead of Sunday as a trial.  We’re also going to have both draft beer and canned beer. 
  • Deck/Patio Renovation:  Membership voted to buy four stainless fans for the patio area.  Also voted to spend $1000 for a flat-screen TV for the outside area.  Kitchen area should be complete by the Pignic.
  • Bathroom remodel:  Coming along nice.  Bathroom is about done and utility room is next.  New tile in bath and hall to front door.
  • Beermeister:  Voted to sell the beermeister for a minimum of $200 –  Glen will do it.  We’re going to move the ice maker to the spot the beermeister occupied in the bar room.
  • Outside bar stools:  Voted to spend up to $350 for bar stools for the new patio area.
  • Pignic:  Will discuss at the May Board meeting.
  • Pool Committee:  Pool is green.  We need to get the filter started.  Brother Bettis said the green is no problem.  Once you shock it it’ll be fine in a day or two.
  • Bye bye soda machine:  Membership voted to move the soda machine inside to supplement the beer machine since not much soda was being bought.  Jonco balked at this but was outnumbered by alcoholics.  A motion passed to include Natural Light and Budweiser in the soda machine when it’s moved inside.
  • Member news
    • Jim Murphy was voted in as a Resident member.
    • Sponsored for membership
      • Kurt Mirth sponsored by Dave Heacock
      • Terry Edwards sponsored by Gary Spearmann
  • Adjourned at 10:27 pm

Board meeting notes – April 7, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

  • Bar Stools:  Glen found some at Garden Ridge that he likes.  They’re not extremely sturdy, but they’re similar to the patio sets we have and are $40 each.  He thinks they would last several years before they’d have to be replaced. The Board didn’t make a decision about getting them.
  • Pool filter:  The salt water system did very good last year.  We’re gearing up for the 2nd year using it.  Pool committee: Al Karniski, Kevin McCauley, Rick Walton and Glen Morris.
  • Tiger Shark is malfunctioning:  The pool cleaning device the Tiger Shark is apparently losing power on occasion.  Glen is going to look into it.
  • Memorial Bricks:  Jon & Glen are going to order the Memorial Bricks right after the Membership Meeting on April 16th.  As of now we have 12 or 13 names on our list.
  • Bathroom / Utility room remodel:  It’s well under way.  The bathroom should be useable by the Membership meeting.  The utility room will be finished after that.
  • Shit List:  Jim Woodside and Dan Halverson.
  • Deck Expansion:  All we have left to do is the outdoor kitchen.  Dave promises it will be done by Memorial Day.
  • Storage Container roof:  The Board voted to spend up to 250 to fix the roof of the container in the back yard.  It leaks.
  • Website: The Board authorized $76.61 for two years of web hosting for the Glutton website.
  • Recycling:  Mike green turned in $51 worth of aluminum cans.  Thanks to all the soda drinkers.
  • Ice maker Move:  We’re going to move the ice maker into the bar room where the beermeister is now and then sell the beermeister.
  • Bye Bye Bud: Board voted to remove Budweiser form the beer machine.  They say it’s not selling.  Alk heartily disagreed.
  • Upcoming events:
    • April 16: Membership Meeting: Friday,  at 7:16 pm
    • April 30: Texas Holdem Poker Tournament –  Contact Glen
    • Sept. 10: Sex Trivia
    • Sept 11:  Reserved –  Gary Spearmann
  • Adjourned at 9:11 pm.

Board meeting notes – March 3, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, March 3, 2010.

  • Sex Trivia:  Date changed to Friday, September 10, 2010
  • Direct TV:  We were getting the premium channels for free but our complimentary period expired so they’re charging us for them  .Byrd will call and stop that.
  • Trivia Night:  We made $2,250 (including 2 50/50 raffles (330) and Heads or Tails (107)
  • GMVB:  August 8th.  We’re considering trying it on a Saturday instead of Sunday and also thinking about can beer instead of draft beer.  Will discuss at next meeting –  Wed., April 7th at 5:30 pm.  There is still talk of getting a water meter for the lot next door.
  • Board approved $30 for a video line for Alk.
  • Memorial bricks:  Jon and Glen are in charge or arranging this.  Will be done soon.
  • St. Pat’s Party –  March 13th. 2 pm –  ?  Cost is $5pp for corned beef and cabbage.  Bring a snack and whatever you wish to drink. 
  • Bath Remodel:  Meeting on Tuesday, March 9 at 5:30 to decide if we’re going to tackle this now or wait.  consensus seems to be ‘Let’s do it’.
  • Spring Poker Tournament:  Set the date of April 30th.  Doors open 6:30 play begins at 7. Contact Glen for details.
  • Lawn Maintenance:  Board agreed to pay Rick $1600 to take care of all normal maintenance of the Club grounds this year.
  • Super Bowl Party broke even or might have made a couple of bucks.
  • Parking:  The Board talked about possibly expanding the driveway area to give us a little more parking space.
  • Membership meeting set for Friday, April 16, 2010 at 7:16 pm.
  • Recycling:  We made $41.60 in empty cans.
  • Old mower: We’re going to scrap the old mower if we can get $50 for it.
  • Rick’s golf ball picker-upper thingy is broke.  Oh well!

Membership meeting notes – January 22, 2010

Notes from the Membership meeting of Friday, January 22, 2010.

A good crowd was on hand as the January meeting is where members collude to get a summer reservation for the use of the Club facilities.

  • Bathroom Remodel: Membership approved $2500 for the gutting and remodeling of the hall bathroom and utility room.  A basic plan is in place that might have to be tweaked as the project progresses.  It should get underway very soon.   The budget includes beer so the final bathroom might consist of a 5 gallon pickle bucket and a Jonco Stoop n’ Poop in order to come in under budget.
  • Memorial Bricks:  The Club authorized the purchase of engraved bricks for deceased members that will be put into the new patio area.  The Club is also going to be the resting place for Mel’s ashes.
  • Bowling at the Corner Bar ended up costing the Club about $20.
  • Deck Committee:  Kitchen work will begin as soon as the weather breaks and will be complete by the Memorial Day Pignic.
  • Upcoming Events
    • Trivia Night – Feb 6th at St. Norberts  Info here
    • Super Bowl Shrimp Feast Sunday, February 7 starting at 3:28 pm (Kickoff is 5:28).  Cost will be $15 pp. More info here
    • St. Pat‘s Party Saturday, March 13th 2 pm – ?
    • Mouse Races postponed until further notice
    • PIGNIC – May 30
    • GMVB 2010 – Sunday, August 8
    • Trivia Night – September 11
    • Christmas Party – December 18
  • Reservations
    • May 1  Joe Furlong
    • May 15  Al Karniski
    • May 22  Kevin McCauley
    • Jun 4 (Fri)  Dave Heacock
    • Jun 12 Joe Pagano
    • Jun 19 Joe Rieker
    • Jun 26 John Lee
    • Jul 10  Gary Rowberry
    • Jul 17  Steve Porzelt
    • Jul 24  Don Schoendienst
    • Jul 31  Larry Green
    • Aug 21  Gerard Pfeffer
    • Aug 28 Dave Gase
    • Sep 4  Jon Heacock
  • Board of Directors – A new Board was elected
    • Glen Morris
    • Mike Green
    • Mike Mathews
    • Gary Rowberry
    • Al Karniski
    • Larry Green
    • Dave Heacock
    • Gerard Pfeffer (Alternate)

Board meeting notes – January 6, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, January 6, 2010.

  • Board voted to change the combination on the beer machine and give the new combination to all Board members.
  • Poker Tournament in December netted $348
  • Membership meeting is set for Friday, January 22, 2010 at 7:22 pm.
  • Upcoming Events
    • GMVB meeting January 22nd at 6 pm before the Membership meeting.
    • Trivia Night Feb 6th at St. Norbert’s in Florissant
    • Super Bowl Sunday February 7th at the Club
    • St. Pat’s Party Saturday, March 13th at the Club  Details soon
    • Mouse Races Tentatively set for March 20 if we get someone to organize it
    • GMVB 2010 set for August 8th
    • Sex Trivia September 11
  • Reservations
    • Jan 24  D Heacock
    • Feb 13  D Schoendienst

Board meeting notes – November 4, 2009

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, November 4, 2009.

  • Deck expansion:  Ceiling is up and partially painted. We’ll do lights and fans next spring.  Looks great!.–  We’re pretty close to being right on budget. – We’re talking of tackling the entrance area next spring after the expansion is complete. – We need to get those who have purchased pavers to even up with the Club.
  • Audio / Video:   Alk has been working on installing cables and such in the expansion and has speakers ordered.
  • Bathroom remodel:  Joe Pagano is heading up a committee to tackle the bathroom remodel ((near living room).
  • Canopies:  Membership authorizes the purchase of two 10 X 20 easy-up canopies for $79 each.  No word if they’ve been acquired yet.  Pat Bettis is supposed to get them.
  • GMVB 2010:  We’ll have an organizational meeting after the holidays.
  • Shit List:  Eric Galvin and Mark Paulsen.  Letters have been sent to these two guys.  They need to decide their future in the Club by the next Board meeting.
  • Beer prices:  Because of increasing costs there was talk of raising the price of beer to $1 from 75 cents.  No decision was made.
  • Electronic signs:  We’re going to send a letter to Joe Rieker’s friends Rick & Jean for donating the electronic signs.
  • Kaki’s Bar is closed:  They’re auctioning off their equipment next week.  We’re looking for bar stools.
  • Work hours proposal:  .  A committee is being formed to discuss the idea or requiring members to perform work hours around the Club.  On the committee:  M Green, Glen, Rieker, Alk, L Green.
  • Mouse Races:  We’re in need of someone to chair the event.    There was talk of possibly not doing a Mouse Races next year if no one steps forward.
  • Fundraising committee:  Glen noted that the projected income from fundraisers in 2009 was $13,300.  So far this year we’ve made $16,753.  We still have the poker tournament next month.
  • Reservations:
    • Dec 5 – D Schoendienst
    • Jan 24 – D Heacock
  • Upcoming events:
    • Texas Hold-Em Tournament – Dec 4
    • Glutton Christmas Party – Dec 19
    • Bowling at Corner Bar – Jan 8
    • Trivia Night – Feb 6
    • Super Bowl – Feb 7
    • Mouse Races – Mar 20

Membership meeting notes – October 23, 2009

Notes from the Membership meeting of Friday, October 23, 2009.

  • Shit List:
    • Eric Galvin, Mark Paulson, Chad Harris.  Letters will go out to first two.
  • Deck Expansion: Some work was done on the ceiling of the expansion.  The membership decided on white as the color for the ceiling.    We’re going to spend up to $500 for audio visual speakers and accessories for the pool house and expansion.
  • Pavers:  Larry and Mike Cooper bought some pavers from the Club. Bricks .25 and caps $2.50 each.  They need to settle up with Byrd on their purchases.
  • Bar stools:  We’re still looking for outdoor stools and maybe a table or two.
  • Canopies:  Pat Bettis mentioned that K-Mart had a closeout on 10X20 ft canopies for $79.  The Membership authorized the purchase of two of them.
  • Glutton Hats and Jewelry:  Murph has some of each.  Get hold of him if you’re interested.
  • Pool Committee:  We’ll need a new committee for next year.
  • Bathroom remodel:  It’s still on the agenda, but nothing new.  Joe Pagano was appointed to head a committee to come up with ideas.
  • Shawn McCauley is on active duty.  His dues are suspended during his absence.
  • Electronic signs:  Rieker delivered them and they’re great.  We’ll be mounting them in the future.  Probably one outside and two inside.
  • New member: Andy Norton was voted in as a Resident member.  Congrats Andy!
  • Gas grill discussion:  There was a discussion about the gas grill not being cleaned properly and burning like Jew’s car on occasion.  When done grilling you should close the lid and burn it on high for about ten minutes to burn away any residue.  The pans below should be cleaned frequently also.
  • Glutton window decals:  Jonco has some small (2–3 inch) vinyl decals that you can place on your car window (or anywhere else you like).  Cost is $3 or 2 for $5.
  • Reservations
    • Nov 1 – Alk
    • Dec 5 – D Schoendienst
    • Jan 24 – D Heacock
  • Upcoming events
    • Texas Hold-Em Poker Tournament – Friday, December 4
    • Bowling at Corner Bar – Friday, January 8
    • Trivia Night – Saturday, February 6
    • Super Bowl – Sunday, February 7
    • Mouse Races – Saturday, March 20