GMVB – August 3, 2013

Mvb logo13The 29th annual Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament will take place on Saturday, August 3, 2013.   The tournament will get underway at 8:00 am sharp.  We will take no more than 64 teams.  You must be registered to secure your place in the tournament.  All entry fees will be the same as last year and we will be offering the Pig Packages that offer a significant savings to those teams interested.  Full details are in the flyer below.

You can view and download the flyer and roster by clicking the link below. 

Roster and Flyer

File Attachment: GMVB 2013 Flyer.pdf (639 KB)

Silent Auction Letters

We need all the help we can get to obtain items for the Silent Auction to be held at GMVB 2013.  Below are two letters you may download and print out that might assist you in getting things for the auction.  Your help is greatly appreciated.   If you are able to acquire something for the Silent Auction please contact one of the people at the bottom of either letter. 

Here’s a letter from the Gluttons Club:

File Attachment: GMVBLetter 2013-T.pdf (200 KB)

Here’s a letter from the Children’s Home:

File Attachment: Childrens Home letter 2013.pdf (251 KB)


GMVB Prep Underway

Courts tilled

The courts have been tilled, the beer and porta-potties have been ordered as we’re in the final 10 days before Mud Volleyball.  A lot will happen in the next week to get ready for the tournament.

Silent Auction Meeting Friday, July 27: We’re asking anyone who has items for the Silent Auction to please bring them to the Silent Auction meeting this Friday night between 6 and 7 pm. 



Sold out4The 2012 Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament is SOLD OUT. 

We have all the teams we can handle. 

If anything changes we’ll post it here.

We’re making mud!  Final touches are being made on the tournament grounds so we’ll be ready for Saturday.

We can still use items for the Silent Auction which benefits the Evangelical Children’s Home.  Contact any member if you have something for the auction.


Silent Auction Meeting This Friday, July 27

We’re trying to collect items for the Silent Auction this coming Friday night, July 27th.  So, if you have items PLEASE BRING THEM Friday night.  We’re going to have more and better things to auction off this year.  The sooner we can get your items catalogued the better.

So if you have items or if you’re involved in the Silent Auction please bring your items Friday night.  We plan to meet about 6:30 or 7 pm.


Glutton Mud Volleyball – Saturday, August 4

It’s getting close!  The 28th Annual Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament is just around the corner. 

We need items for the Silent Auction!  100% of the proceeds from the Silent Auction go to the Evangelical Children’s Home of St. Louis.  

Last date for early registration is Friday, July 20, 2012.

For complete information including Flyers and letters for Silent Auction donations click here!


GMVB 2012 August 4, 2012

The 28th  Annual Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament will take place on Saturday, August 4, 2012.  The tournament will get underway at 8:30 AM and will conclude before dusk.

  • A GMVB 2012 Flyer (and registration form) can be found here.

We need items for the Silent Auction….

As usual 100% of the proceeds from the Silent Auction goes to the Evangelical Children’s Home of St. Louis.  Last year we raised $2,800 for the Children’s Home.  We’re going to try to break that record this year.  But we can’t do it without your help.

  • A letter from the Children’s Home can be found here.
  • A Letter from the Gluttons can be found here.

We need to start early to acquire items for the Silent Auction.  Please take a moment and print out these letters and then get to work acquiring items.

Let’s make GMVB 2012 the best yet!

Remember you can get all the info about GMVB from the GMVB 2012 tab at the top of the page.

Thank You letter from the Children’s Home

Ech letter 2011Here’s a letter we got from Mike Brennan, the Director of Evangelical Children’s Home for our donation of $2,800 which are the proceeds from the Silent Auction we had at Glutton Mud Volleyball in August. 

Thanks to all who donated  for or purchased items from the Silent Auction.  Thanks also to the all the workers who helped make this years GMVB and Silent Auction the best yet. 

Click on image to enlarge.

GMVB Best Yet!

While final numbers aren’t in it’s clear that Glutton Mud Volleyball 2011 was the best ever.  We had 53 teams (one dropped out).  The weather was great and we had a great crew (as always).  Thanks to the court crew, the tournament crew, the food and drink crew, the pool crew, Audio Alk and his crew and all the miscellaneous people that did all the little things that made GMVB11 the best yet. A special thanks to the wives, girlfriends and kids who helped too.

Silent Auction: We raised $2806 for the Children’s Home (including $110 in outstanding debt).  That beat last year by just a few bucks.  Attached is a letter of appreciation from the Silent Auction staff.  Feel free to print it out and pass it along to anyone who donated an item or items for the Silent Auction.

File Attachment: GMVB 2011 Thank You letter.pdf (101 KB)

Makin’ Mud – GMVB update

Makin mud

Set up:  We’re in the final stages of preparations for Glutton Mud Volleyball 2011.  The courts have been tilled, water is flowing and we’re making mud as we speak.    Our big set-up day is Friday.  Everything needs to be done Friday so we need all the help we can get.

Silent Auction: We’re getting things in for the Silent Auction.  We need more items for the auction.  If at all possible please bring them to the Club Friday. Keep in mind we need to know what it is, who it’s from and it’s approximate value. Remember, 100% of the proceeds from the Auction go to the Evangelical Children’s Home in St. Louis.

Booze Basket:  We’re asking all members to bring a bottle of booze to contribute to the Booze Basket Raffle.

Tournament brackets:  This year we’ll have the brackets updated live on the internet.  You can get team stats, time schedules and both the winners and losers brackets.  Really Cool!  Click this link to view the GMVB tournament  Be sure to check out the various options on the left.  Remember, this will be update throughout the day, so you can check it on your smartphones.
Note:  We have 54 teams playing in the tournament.  This means we probably won’t be having a money tournament.  We’re not saying that for sure, but we’ll decide in the afternoon when we see how the day is going.

Credit Cards:  We’re trying out a new credit card system this year.  We think we’ll be able to accept credit cards for T-shirts and Silent Auction purchases.  Since this is the first test, we suggest you bring along some cash just in case it doesn’t work.

Parking is limited:  Remember that parking is limited so we’re asking you to car pool if at all possible.

GMVB – Sold Out

Gmvb sold outThe 27th Annual Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament is sold out this year.  We’ve taken all the teams we can handle.

Teams will be notified by Friday, August 5th  about the time of their first game.

Please try to carpool and arrive early as parking will be tight.

Thanks for playing!

GMVB 2011 – Saturday, August 6

MVB logo 2011aThe 27th  annual Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament will be held on Saturday, August 6, 2011.  The tournament gets underway at 8:30 AM.

Prices will remain the same as last year.  $100 entry fee if you register by July 25th. Late registration is $120. 

We’ll also have the popular Pig Packages for $199 which includes the team entry fee, 6 T-shirts, $25 in food & drink tickets and $25 in raffle tickets.  You save $41.

More information and a link to a flyer can be found on the GMVB 2011 page.


Glutton Mud Volleyball – 2010

Glutton Mud Volleyball was a huge success!  Our Silent Auction made a record $2,800 for the Evangelical Children’s Home in St. Louis.  We had 48 teams that played and Nose First won the tournament.


Thanks to everyone who played, everyone who came out to watch, everyone who donated items for the Silent Auction and all who helped make GMVB 2010 one of the best ever!  Thanks!

A photo galley from the day can be found here.

Glutton Mud Volleyball 2010

GMVB flyer

The 26th Annual Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament will take place on Saturday, August 7, 2010.   This is the first time we’re doing it on a Saturday instead of Sunday.  Each year we fine tune the event and try to make it run smoother.  We think we’ve got it down to a pretty good event after all these years.

We’re in the process of setting up a Square account to allow us to accept credit cards for T-shirts and Silent Auction purchases.  We’re not sure it’ll be operational so be sure to bring cash just in case.

One other change we’re making this year is that we will have both canned and draft beer.

The tournament will get underway at 8:30 am.  We have limited space so be sure to get your registration (and checks) in soon.  If you pay by July 25th  you can save $20.  After July 25th  the entry fee goes up to $120 per team.

We’re also doing the Early Pig Package again where you can save $41 and it includes your team entry 6 T-shirts, and raffle and food tickets… Total value $240….. ONLY $199.

You can click on the flyer on the right to enlarge the GMVB flyer.

You can download a PDF version of the flyer below:
File Attachment: GMVB 2010 Flyer.pdf (375 KB)

Silent Auction
100% of everything we raise from the Silent Auction goes to the
Evangelical Children’s Home of St. Louis.  We ask for donations of items to auction off.  If you know of someone who would donate something  that we could auction off we’d appreciate if you would print out one of the letters below and give it to whoever needs it.  Our tax exempt number is on the RAAC letter below (PDF).  Addresses of where to send items are on the letters.  Thanks for your help.

RAAC Letter: File Attachment: GMVB Letter 2010.pdf (149 KB)     

A letter from the Children’s Home: File Attachment: Children’s Home letter 2010.pdf (244 KB)

GMVB a huge, hot success

Gmvb ballThe 25th Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament was a huge success.  48 teams played in the hot sun with 97°F temperatures to determine who would end up as the champions of the tournament this year.  Nose First nosed out the second place team in the final game which ended at 8:25 pm, just as dusk was settling in.  We couldn’t have played one more game without lights.

Final number aren’t in, but we did make over $1400 for the Evangelical Children’s Home with the Silent Auction.

Thanks – We sincerely want to thank a lot of people for making this the best GMVB yet.  Thanks to the following:  The Gluttons of course who worked hard to get things ready for the event; the kids who worked the food booth all day; the friends of Gluttons who pitched in and helped work the concessions; our magnificent sound technicians; Alk, Byrd and Andy; our M.C. Dave B; our grounds-keeper Ranger Rick who did a marvelous job with the courts; our hosers Mike & Murph; our referees, who worked tirelessly on the ref stands even closer to the hot sun under the supervision of Mindy; Ding the pool bitch; Kevin who managed the tournament; Rieker who controlled the brackets; Mel, Dan and Don who did most of the cooking; Twig who got us the porta potties; Sandy & Kris who organized the Silent Auction; Glen & Julie who organized the food booth, Pat, Janet, Pat and Kris who sold tickets and T-shirts, everyone who donated items for the Silent Auction, and especially Dave & Deb for chairing the whole event.  And thanks to anyone I forgot to mention.

Most importantly we’d like to thank the people who came and played in the tournament and their fans who came along to root them on.  Thank You… Thank You… Thank You!

Here are a few pictures for the day.  If you have any you’d like to share, send them to  Or if you already have them online send a link to your pictures.  You can click on these thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.

 Gmvb16 Gmvb17 Gmvb15 Gmvb7 Gmvb13 Gmvb18Gmvb14 Gmvb12 Gmvb11 Gmvb10 Gmvb9  Gmvb6 Gmvb5 Gmvb4 Gmvb3  Gmvb2 Gmvb1Gmvb8

Gmvb champs

GMVB 2009 Sold Out

MvbWe have 48 teams paid and we’re sold out!  We can take no more teams.  We have been turning them away. 

We have tilled a 4th court so hopefully the tournament will go a little faster.   We are starting play at 8:30 AM. instead of 9 AM to help expedite the tournament.  

Teams will be notified of their start times.  If you gave us your email address you will be notified by email.  If we only have your phone number we will call you.  If you don’t hear from us by Friday night, call Mike @ 314–578–2926 or Joe @ 314–518–4607 on Saturday.

Next Year:  If you want to make sure you’re on the notification list for next year, please send your email address to

GMVB 2008 a HUGE success

Woodstock beer
Woodstock Schoendienst enjoys a cold beverage.

Glutton Mud Volleyball 2008 was a huge success, buy any standards.  Final numbers aren’t in yet, but we made over $2100 from the Silent Auction, and all indications, (attendance, weather, etc.) indicate that this could be a record year.  Stay tuned.

 GMVB 08 Champs
Nose First won the tournament again this year.  That’s like 4 out of 5 tournaments for these champs.  Congratulations!