GMVB 2017 – Another Great Day!

The 33rd Annual Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament was a rousing success at every level.  Perfect weather greeted 60 teams as they volleyed for the prized pig trophies and the right to call themselves champions!  

Thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who volunteered to help put on another successful tournament.  Also thanks to the sponsors that supported the tournament and to the people who donated items for the Silent Auction.  Thank you!

GMVB Photo Gallery

GMVB 2017 This Saturday, August 5

 NOTE: GMVB registration is closed!

Teams have been sent a link to the brackets where starting times can be located.  You can keep up with the tournament live using your smartphones.

Tournament Brackets:

We need items for the Silent Auction.  If you have something please contact Barry Colebank at 314-488-6427 ASAP.

If you need letters from the Gluttons Club and/or the Children’s Home to procure items for the Silent Auction they are available at the links below.

GMVBLetter 2017-T

Childrens Home Letter 2017



GMVB 2016

GMVB 2016 Champs
GMVB Champions ‘Muddy Lives Matter with their trophies after the championship game.  Click to enlarge.

60 teams participated in our biggest Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament yet.  We’re trying to recover from the event with some of the greatest, funnest, dirtiest people around.

Thanks to all who helped in the preparations and those who worked tirelessly, either as cooks, sellers, referees, tillers, hosers, runners, trash picker-uppers, organizers, parking and traffic personnel, statisticians, our tremendous grounds and court crews, the Silent Auction team, and all of our young helpers too.  But most importantly we want to thank YOU, the participants, the dirtiest of the dirty.  For without you, there would be no Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament.

While final numbers aren’t in yet this could be our best year ever in raising funds for the Evangelical Children’s Home of St. Louis and other worthy charities.

Now we look forward to GMVB 2017, our 33rd Annual Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament!


Pictures from GMVB 2016

GMVB 2016 Preparations Underway

Glutton Paul Kessler, doing the dirty work tilling the four courts for Glutton Mud Volleyball 2016. Bubba and friend help with edge clean-up.

The courts have been tilled and are ready for water to be added.  We’re almost sold out on teams. It looks to be a great tournament and we’re hoping for great weather.  Of course, we play… Rain or Shine!


GMVB 2015 – Registration Now Closed

The 31st  Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament will take place on Saturday, August 1, 2015. Team registration is now closed.

If you are playing you will receive an email or call on Thursday or Friday telling the starting time of your first game.  

Note: Please remember that there is highway construction on Interstate 270 at New Halls Ferry and at Florissant Road.  Please allow a little extra time to arrive before your scheduled start if you’re coming from that direction.  We can’t wait for teams to arrive.

GMVB Online Registration

NEW!!!  You can now register for the 31st  Glutton Mud Volleyball tournament online.  The tournament takes place on Saturday, August 1, 2015. 

You can do the Early Registration for $120 per team or you can register for the Pig Package which includes 6 t-shirts and food and raffle tickets for $199.  Details on the Glutton Online Store

Early registration and the Pig Packages are only available until July 12th.  After that registration goes up to $140.

Register Now!

Ready for Mud!

The courts are tilled and the water if flowing.  T-shirts are done and final preparations are underway.  The forecast is great!

Mudstock shirts Courts tilled4

Looks like we’re going to have some great items in the Silent Auction too!  

 The tournament gets underway at 8:00 AM Saturday morning.  See you there!


GMVB 2013 Update

Mvb courts 2013cMaking Mud
Final preparations are underway for the 29th annual Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament this Saturday, August 3rd.  The tournament gets underway at 8 am. 

We are sold out. All team positions have been filled.

Registered team have been contacted or will be contacted shortly with times for their first games.  Time are approximate. Please be available to play 30 minutes before your scheduled times. 

Tournament Online: You can keep track of the tournament live online at Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament 2013

Silent Auction:  There will be a Silent Auction that will benefit the Evangelical Children’s Home of St. Louis and other worthwhile local charities. We can still use items for the Silent Auction.  If you have something to donate please contact Jonco @ 314–604–7750

This tournament will go on rain or shine.  We will halt play for lightning in the area.  The committee reserves the right to adjust playing times in the event of a long weather delay.