Feeding the homeless

The Gluttons spent last Thursday evening at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Soulard cooking and serving food to 121 homeless people of St. Louis.  Dave and Deb Heacock coordinated the effort on behalf of the Club.  We purchased the food and several guys spent a couple evenings beforehand cooking and getting ready to put it all together for Thursday night. 

Witchs brew

Those who served were, Dave and Deb, along with Dan Sucich, Kurt Mirth, Gerard Pfeffer, Larry Green, Ray Staples, Jon & Pat Heacock, Joe Rieker, Andy Green, Luis Martinez, Vince Heacock and Buck Rowberry.

Homeless2 Homeless3 Homeless4 Homeless5 Homeless6

It was a rewarding day for those involved.


Creature feature gets glowing review

A gorilla about 30 foot high towered over the patio on Friday night at the Glutton Park Balloon Glow.  The beast known as Kurt Kong was secured and didn’t break loose of his restraints.  Lighted balloons were set adrift throughout the evening until one went into the big cedar next to the house.  Had the tree caught fire we would have been able to build an even bigger deck and patio with the insurance proceeds.  A well behaved crowd enjoyed the music, trivia and goose head beer (or something like that) and duck fries along with other delicacies that party goers brought.  Excellent job by Pat B, Kurt M and their Mary little elves.

Rilla2   Rilla4  Rilla3 Fry chefs 

Balloon boys

Great Glutton Park Balloon Race Friday

Glutton park balloon raceThe first ever Glutton Park Balloon Race will take place this Friday evening, September 16th.  Festivities get underway as soon as YOU arrive. 

There will be specialty drinks and delicious treats by Kurb & Company.  Kurb is a conglomerate of Kurt Mirth and Pat Bettis.

Cost is $5 per person and you’re asked to bring a snack to share and something to drink.  Those specialty drinks will only go so far.



Glutton Golf Tournament

The 11th Annual Glutton Golf Tournament will take place on Saturday, September 25, 2010.  The 4 man scramble will begin at 8 am at Belk Park in Wood River IL.  cost is $75 per person which includes, golf, prizes and a BBQ at the Gluttons Club following the tournament.

For more information contact Glen, Row, Byrd or Larry.

A flyer with more information can be found here: File Attachment: golf tourney 2010.pdf (75 KB)

Glutton Old Boys meet again

The second meeting of the Glutton Old Boys aka O.G.’s took place yesterday at the Club.

GOB July 2010
FRONT ROW: Rick Walton, Opie, Pee Wee Yates, Bill Holt, Gary Schirmer, Jon Heacock, Bunky, Steve Kettner.  SECOND ROW: Dan Sucich, Fred Horner, Dan Toney, Dave Brink,  Don Schoendienst, Gerard, Twig.
THIRD ROW: Hoosier, Nately, Mike Mesle, Greg Pfeffer. BACK ROW:  Larry Petersen, Paul Heacock, Dan McGuire.
Present but not in this photo, Pat ‘Ace’ McLean.                   Click to enlarge any picture

Gob1  Gob3 Gob4 Gob5 Gob6 Gob2

No screen doors were hurt in the making of this event.

Pignic Pleasures

Gluttons 2010

A great time was had by all at the 40th Glutton Memorial Day Pignic.  We dedicated the memorial bricks for our departed members (the dead ones) and we dined on some really great food cooked by Chef Dan and his crew.  I think this was only about the third or fourth Pignic where it didn’t rain.  The temperature was in the upper 80’s and the pool was great!  (Click on the pics below to enlarge.)

Pignic22 Pignic11 Pignic12 

Pignic13 Pignic14 Pignic15

Pignic17 Pignic18 Pignic19

Pignic2 Pignic3 Pignic4

Pignic5 Pignic6 Pignic7

Pignic8 Pignic9 Pignic29

Pignic10  Pignic21 Pignic28