Glutton High Score Football Raffle
We'll identify the two highest scoring teams each week and award a prize to the person
who has both teams on his ticket.
Players may purchase a random ticket for $10. 
There are 496 possible matchups.  Tickets are printed for each possible outcome.
Players are to fill out the right-hand portion and give it back to the person who gave it to you.
Players keep the left-hand (stub) of the ticket.  Both sides have your selected teams printed on them.
$100 Prize awarded weekly!
… For the entire 2008-2009 Football Season
In case of a tie, the prize will be split between the winners.
Eack week ends with the Monday Night game.     
Winners will be announced after each week at
Limited number of tickets available!
Get yours today!   

For more info contact:Gary Rowberry……….. 314-971-3069Don Schoendienst…….. 636-379-1546
For more info contact:
Gary Rowberry...... 314-971-3069
Don Schoendienst...... 636-379-1546