Deck Expansion Project

The membership approved the deck expansion project as presented at the January 18, 2008 membership meeing. The project calls for spending up to $25,000 for the expanded patio area with retaining wall, new deck surface (plastic wood) and railings.  It also calls for extending the garage roof into an overhang which will cover some of the new patio area and a new outdoor kitchen and grilling area.
New steps into the yard are also included as well as a new entryway alongside the pool house and redoing the current entry into the pool area.

The expansion will be done in six phases.
Phase I will be the new patio area by the diving board end of the pool and behind the pool house.  This will get underway in September and is projected to be completed by the end of the year.  Estimated cost: $7,000
Phase II is the deck surface.  It will be done as soon as weather permits. Estimated cost: $4,000
Phase III is
is the roof structure.  It will be done early next year and is expecteed to be completed by May 1st.  Estimated cost: $8,500
Phase IV is the outdoor kitchen. Estimated cost: $3,500
Phase V is the railing.  Estimated cost: $2,000
Phase VI is the front gate entrance area.  Estimated Cost: unknown

Some of the work on different phases will be done at the same time.

We need the help of the membership to make this project a success.  

Deck Expansion committee :  Glen Morris, Dan Murphy, Dan Sucich, Dave Heacock, Gerard Pfefr, Mike Green, Larry Green, and Gary Rowberry, chief supervisor.