The Gas is Back!

Gas imageThe Glutton Gas is back in production.  The first issue is in the mail.  After a 3 year hiatus Jonco is back as editor-in-chief.  The first issue is two pages but we expect many future issues to be 4 pages in a new larger (11X17) size. 

The Gas will be emailed to members as a PDF file absolutely free of cost as soon as it’s published.  If you’d like to receive a printed copy mailed and delivered to your door by a cooperative representative of the U.S. government you will have to subscribe.  The cost is $18 per year.  Non-members can subscribe also for the $18 price.  Non-members can also subscribe to the emailed PDF version for $10 per year. 

Complete information is included in the mailed Gas sent to you.

We’re also looking for articles and photos for future issues.  If you would like to participate let Jonco know.


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