Board meeting notes – April 6, 2011

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

  • Shit List:  Dan Halverson and Andy Norton (Letters sent to appear by membership meeting or face expulsion)
  • Living Room tile:  Budget was $700.  Came in at just about $500
  • Furniture:  Board voted to spend up to $300 on some wicker patio type furniture for the Florida room (formerly known as the living room).
  • TV: Whether to keep the TV in the Florida room and buy a new TV for outside or move the one in the Florida room outside and have nothing in there but a bracket was discussed.  No consensus.  Will be brought up again at the Membership meeting.
  • Surveillance system hasn’t be re-installed yet but will be.
  • St. Pat’s party cost the Club about $9.  Close to 30 people attended.
  • Key Card Entry system:  Brother Mathews has been working to get new software and keys for the system.  Progress is slow, but it is progress.
  • Entry Way Gate:  Murph is ready to start work on the new entry way gate and landscaping. Should be done in the next month or so.
  • Flag pole:  Anyone wanting to give ideas about where the new flag pole should be installed, please be at the Membership meeting a little early so we can decide where it’ll go.  Dave H will get it installed.
  • Umbrellas: We got a deal on 5 table umbrellas ($45)  They’ll be popping up around the club this summer.
  • Compressor:  Mike Green got us a new compressor for the Club for $55.  It will be kept in the utility room.  Please make sure it goes back in there after it’s used.
  • Memorial Day Pignic:  Sunday May 29.  This will be the 40th anniversary of Glutton life on Jerries Lane.  Any ideas for a celebration should be brought to the Board’s attention or to the membership meeting.
  • Grass cutting:  The Board voted to contract the yard work to Rick again this year for $1500 (same as last year).  Rick always does a great job on the year work.
  • Beer going up:  The Board voted to raise the price of premium beers (Bud, Bud Light Select) in the beer machine to $1.  Cheaper beers (Stag, Natty Lights) and soda can still be had in the other machine for 75¢
  • GMVB Water:  Gerard brought up the idea of changing out water service at the Club.   We can get a new meter with a larger output pipe that feeds the premises.  He’s going to look into the costs and report back to the membership.
  • Outdoor kitchen:  Board asked when the sink would be finished (under-counters and finishing of the stainless steel).  Hopefully it’ll be done for the Pignic.
  • New soda machine?  Someone asked f we should think about getting a soda machine for the outside patio are for the summer.  No consensus.

Coming up

  • Poker Tournament April 15th  Doors open 6:30 –  Play begins at 7.  $55 buy in.
  • Membership meeting  Friday, April 22 at 7:22 pm.
  • Mouse Races June 11 – Tentative date –  Details to follow
  • G.O.B. Gathering:  The Glutton Old Boys will meet at the Club on Thursdays, May 12th and July 21 to watch a Cardinal game and recollect old times.  All guys welcome.
  • Float Trip –  Labor Day weekend at Huzah Valley Resort.  Reservations 800–367–4516
  • Progressive Dinner probably coming in May or June in the  St. Charles area.  More info at the Membership meeting.

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