Board meeting notes – December 1, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, December 1, 2010.

  • Shit List: D Gase, D Halverson, L Martinez, D McGuire, B Combest, A Norton
  • Reservation policy updated:  Will be posted shortly and linked to here.
    • Point System: The Board discussed a points system where members would be given more opportunities to reserve the club based on seniority, work, duties, meeting and event attendance.  A committee is being formed to study this idea further.
  • Entryway:  Dan Murphy has done an excellent job on remodeling the entryway.  The paving is complete including a new step to the rec room door.  Still remaining is the fence and gate and landscaping….  A spring project.
  • Club winterized:  The pool and outdoor kitchen have been winterized. 
  • Living Room / Trophy Room:  The living room and trophy room have undergone a sprucing up and clean-up.  We girt rid of a lot of old furniture, de-junked painted the rooms, installed new light fixtures and hung up a lot of old pictures.  We have a couple more to do.  We’re also going to add some tile in part of that area and new carpet in the rest after the holidays.
  • Soda machine bill changer is still not working.  We’re  s l o w l y   looking into getting a replacement or something similar.
  • Key Card Entry system:  We’re in the process of upgrading the software and getting some new cards since we’re about out of old ones.
  • Bowling at Corner Bar was a success.  We had 25 bowlers and everyone had a good time.  We recouped all but $11 of our deposit.
  • New Member reminder:  Associate members are required to attend at least five meetings during their first year of membership.  They’re also expected to work and attend Club functions.
  • Internet:  The wireless internet seems to be getting used quite a bit at the Club.  Glen wondered if there was any way we could save some money on the phone/Internet service.  We’re looking into it.
  • Coming up
    • Christmas Party Sat. December 18th  Doors open at 6, Dinner served at 7, Program at 8.  $20 pp
    • Trivia Night Saturday, February 5th  at St. Norberts 7 pm
    • Super Bowl Shrimp Feast Sunday February 6th  3 pm
    • Mouse Races Saturday February 19th  7 pm
    • St. Pat’s Party Saturday March 12th 3 pm
    • Memorial Day Pignic –  Sunday, May 29, 2011
    • GMVB 2011 –  Saturday, August 6, 2011
    • Golf Tournament –  Saturday, Sept 24, 2011
    • Washer Tournament –  Date TBA

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