Membership meeting notes…

Notes from the membership meeting of Friday, April 18, 2008:

  • Grass will be cut by Dan Halverson once again … at $55 per cut.
  • Also approved $70 for weed & feed and grass seed for some bare spots
  • Shit List:  Eric Galvin
  • Football High Score Pool sales will start soon   Potential to make $3,000. Details coming soon.
  • Club Clean-Up Saturday Apr 19th and Saturday April 26 starting at 9 am.
  • Poker Tournament had 41 players.  Net profit $483  Jim Paulson won and Dan “All In” Sucich came in second.
  • Washer Tournament May 17.  Meeting Wed, Apr 23 at 6 pm.  Still need a few more boxes.   If you have any pieces of 2X4’s laying around, bring them to the club.
  • Golf Tournament Sept. 20th.  8:30 start time.  Belk Park.  Cost expected to be $75 per person.   Next year we think we can get a better deal at Woodlands.
  • Happy Hour Party May 30th.  Gary Rowberry and Glen Morris will coordinate.
  • Water pipe needs to be replaced.  We’re probably also going to replace and relocate the water heater at the same time.  Where are you Twig?
  • Party at the Park – May 2nd.   Doors open at 6 pm.  We need to get there early to save tables.
  • Satellite TV changes:  Nothing new.
  • Bathroom remodel:  Discussed but nothing definite planned.   We just don’t want to forget about it.
  • Deck Expansion:  Membership approved the plan as presented by the committee.  Work is expected to get underway right after the summer swimming season.  A meeting will be held April 30th at 5 pm.
  • GMVB 08:  An organizational meeting will be held on Wed, April 30th at 6:30 pm.   We urge all members to attend this meeting.
  • Glutton Amazing Race:  Dave Heacock, with the help of others, is coordinating an Glutton Style Amazing Race for this fall, probably in October.   This could turn into a nice fundraiser for the Club…. and a heck of a good time for all.  More details as they develop.
  • Danny Schoendienst sponsored (again) for membership.  Dan says he’s really ready now to become a Glutton.

Meeting adjourned at 9:39 pm.  A poker game, libations and bullshit talk erupted afterwards.

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